Beard Ornaments - The Original - 12 pack

Beard Ornaments - The Original - 12 pack

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Get your beard excited for the holidays!  Beard ornaments make a great

Beard Ornaments, 12pc Colorful Christmas Facial Hair Baubles for Men in the Holiday Spirit, Easy Attach Mini Mustache, Sideburns, Goatee Whisker Clips, Festive Red, Green, Gold, Silver Mix

  • Our small Christmas ornaments for your beard are the clip accessories that add a cheerful touch of color to your look during the holidays.
  • The end of each beard & mustache ornament is equipped with a mini clip that delivers a firm, hair-safe grip. Each to attach to all hair types, densities & lengths.
  • This 12pc beard baubles set includes a Santa-approved mix of red, green, silver & gold holiday-themed face hair ornaments.
  • Wear our jewelry for beards on Christmas Eve or Christmas day when opening gifts, wear them to parties or wear them all season long to show off your holiday spirit.
  • Not only can the beard ornaments be worn on the face. Women also like using them to decorate their pigtails, ponytails & other hairstyles. 

The holidays are for standing out & spreading smiles. And that's exactly what our beard jewelry does!

With Beard Ornaments, you can make sure your beard isn't jealous of your ugly sweater! A 12-pack includes two gold, two silver, four green and four red ornaments with mini-clip for maximum beard attachment.

Beard Ornaments are great for: Lumberjacks, Grizzly Adams, fishermen, Abraham Lincoln, bearded ladies, thickets of chest hair or anyone else proud of their facial foliage.