KENT - Men's Beard & Moustache Comb 120mm

KENT - Men's Beard & Moustache Comb 120mm

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The Kent 85T is a perfectly sized heavy duty beard and moustache comb. This is ideal for men looking for a high quality comb for their facial hair, with a sturdy swept tail it allows for easy "pull through" of your beard to keep a well maintained look of your facial hair.

The length of the comb is 120mm.

G B Kent & Sons Ltd is the Oldest Hair Brush Maker in the World, Since 1777 from England. Even in today's fast moving, mass-produced assembly, Kent are proud to still be manufacturing many of their original brushes by hand.  Kent is committed to developing and enhancing its products with every step they take. Kent harness the latest hi-tech manufacturing processes, whilst building on the time-honoured traditional methods to create the world's finest example of each and every brush that leaves their factory.

Kent’s handmade combs are saw cut, and then hand polished and buffed to create soft rounded teeth that will not damage your hair or scalp. They are made from cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum based plastic derived from plants that has been found to create less static in hair. These teeth run smoothly through the beard & stimulate the natural oils inside the whiskers as they're combed.  These oils encourages the whiskers to do as told.




A non-handmade comb is known as an injection molded comb. They have razor sharp teeth which damage the hair cuticle, and scrape the skin. These type of combs also feature tiny ridges, known as ‘mould marks’ which scratch and snag your beard & moustache.