PMB -Moustache Wax Sandalwood & Clove

PMB -Moustache Wax Sandalwood & Clove

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Luxury Moustache Wax by Pall Mall Barbers that includes Sandalwood and Clove to give a rich fragrance to the moustache.

A must-have product for men with facial hair, our moustache wax is designed with only the finest ingredients in mind. Naturally found in essential oils, our firm hold wax helps keep your moustache fixed in place all day long, as well as helping to moisturise and neaten the facial hair.

Developed with our classic signature London barber fragrance of sandalwood and clove, skin is left with a subtle scent lasting all day long.

Moustache Wax ingredients:

Cera Flava (yellow beeswax), Sandalwood, Cypress, Clove Bud, Eugenol, Limonene, Linalool Isoeugenol

Main Fragrance: Sandalwood, Clove, with a base of Cypress.

15ml 0.5fl oz

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