The Facial Hair Handbook - Jack Passion

The Facial Hair Handbook - Jack Passion

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This book is for the man who is ready to look like one.

It should have been seen as a sign that a man can shave every day of his life and his beard will keep growing back. Over the past few years, we ve seen facial hair sprouting up on faces everywhere. Men want to experiment with their facial gardens, but it s not always just as easy as putting the razor to rest...

Any man will surely go back to shaving when his beard starts to itch. When a goatee or mustache looks bad, he ll shave it off, discouraged and unaware of his options. Marginalized facial hair stereotypes prevent every day, normal guys from making facial hair part of their personal style. Men have forgotten about their beards, let alone how to wear and care for them. Until now.

The Facial Hair Handbook is a hilarious and informative guide to all aspects of facial hair, for men of all ages and all faces. From making the decision to wear facial hair, to the best way to take it off, all men can finally be stylish and care for their appearance while staying true to who they are: Men.

Topics Include:
How to Grow a Beard
-What to Do About Itching
-Choosing a Facial Hairstyle
-Washing and Conditioning
-How to Grow Thicker Facial Hair
-What to Do If Your Beard Catches on Fire
-Getting a Clean, Close Shave